Dining at the Guest-table

All the flavours of the mountain …

In the  Paradou, your cook-hostess combines the richness of the Savoy products with the spices and herbs from the garden, and slow-cooks a tasty and  and gourmet cuisine on the theme of mountains of the world.

Products are first of all from Savoy :

* Vegetables cultivated in the valley and aromatic plants of the garden.
* Cheese from the alpine dairy.
* Fruits of the orchards and forest .
* Meats from the Tarentaise alpine lawns.
* Wines from alpine vineyards.





* Bread cooked on woodfire.
* Home-made jams and local honey .
* Special cakes .
* Home made yogurts .
* fresh fruit juice and fruit salad.





The Lunch-break :

During your outside day skiing or hiking, we can prepare you a delicious picnic or the special’s hikers’ bag  (spice’s bread, cookies and dried fruits).





Dinners :

We have dinner in the good heat of the chimney, convivial moment wich every nights comes again for the happiness of all.

In the mild summer evenings, we have dinner on the garden lawn, a pure moment of happiness.




A few Specials :

* « Diots et pormonniers »( sausages ) of  Savoie with « crozets » gratin and vegetables.
* Rabbit cooked with salvia sauce and polenta.
* Summer stuffed vegetables with oriental spices.
* Paradou’s « Wienerschnitzel »  with spaghettis and tomato sauce.
* « Filets mignons » with autumn’s delicious .
* Lamb’s Tajine with summer or winter vegetables.
* Himalayan Currys .
* « Savoy Tartiflette » with pear, honey and salvia.
* fresh cheese samosas with  cumin and walnuts .
* Cakes, muffins and sweets: kougelhopf,pannetone,  Linzer tarts, Ice-creams and sorbets, creative Pies ,Lemon transalpine tiramisu…

* and of course , The genuine Savoy Fondue !