Spring, summer, autumn

Flavours, Coulours, Fragrance … to be consumed without any restraint

- hikes and walks

Balades et randonnées Balades et randonnées Balades et randonnéesBalades et randonnées Balades et randonnées Balades et randonnées

Let be  charmed by the  4 mountain seasons, each one offering different landscapes and atmosphere : explosion of sping flowers, summits and alpine lawns of summer, lights and colors of autumn.
according to weather conditions , season or to your désires , your hosts  will tell you any about what to discover, in the villages, orchards or vineyards, in the forests or fields, lakes or mountain stream , through passes or on the summits, there is always something to discover !
Marie-Paule propose to guide you into places that she only knows, to introduce you to wild fauna and flora, to discover life of today and yesterday in the villages and alpine lawns.

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Marmotte Balades et randonnées Bouquetin

- Nordic Walking

The pleasure of active walking , soft and et tonic in the wild nature
For this we use light sticks , the Nordic-Sticks
good for figure ,good for breath, good for spirit, recommended at any ages .
Marie-Paule will propose you to initiate you in the paths of the Versant du soleil: . 2 hours, PNordic-Sticks loan included.

Member of the network : Nordicwalking-Evasion

Marche Nordique

- Old villages and  rural Architecture

Village classé du Monal Villages anciens et architecture rurale Villages anciens et architecture rurale

Hang up to the slope, the old villages and hamlet of  Tarentaise will reveal you, while a stroll along their narrow streets, a vast numer of little details remaining the hard ancient times. the rural  architecture is remarquably  coherent due to the use of local materials  : wood, stones, lime, slate…
close to the chalet, the hamlets of  Montmery and Valezan are a remarquable illustration…

- The Beaufort and its mountain pastures

Le Beaufort et ses Alpages Tranche de Beaufort Vaches tarines en alpage

AOC since 1968, the famous « Prince of the Gruyères » with concave rind is made with milk of he famous « tarines » cows originate from Tarentaise valley.
Let discover the  secrets of the making of this fruity tasted cheese in the  coopératives of Bourg Saint Maurice, Aime or Moutiers, or in the dairy of alpine pastures of  Granier or Côte d’Aime very close from the chalet.
In the old « fruitière » of the village, you can also discover the former workmanship .

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- The big passes and the « Route des Grandes Alpes »

Grands cols des Alpes : Cormet de Roselend Grands cols des Alpes : Col du Petit Saint Bernard Grands cols des Alpes : Col de l'Iseran

By Bike, car or motocycle, the alpine passes of the famous « route des Grandes Alpes » from Geneva lake to mediterranée are open from june to october  :

* The Cormet de Roselend ( 1968m) going to the Beaufortain area , offers a nice view over the big Roselend damm-lake une vue .
* The Petit Saint Bernard pass( 2188m), on the italian border, offers a fantastic view over the Mont Blanc,and vestiges of many centuries , from romans to the second world war.
* The Iseran pass(2762m) connect  the high valley of Tarentaise and Maurienne. Famous for cycling , it is the highest road pass in the Alps . fantastic surroundings in the heart of the  Parc National de la Vanoise.
* The Madeleine  pass( 1993m ) connect the low valleys of Tarentaise and Maurienne through Lauzière mountains.

Come to climb and discover !

you will find in Paradou a bike and motorbike garage and averything to repare bikes.

- Baroque Art

L'art baroque L'art baroque L'art baroque

In the valets of  Maurienne and Tarentaise, the baroques chapelles and churches  of thé XVIIe and XVIIIe centuries are the witmesses of a solid and intense faith but also of an original architecture very closely connected to the story of  people who passed on this faith for generations.
Through the roads of  baroque, you will discover, alone or with a guided tour , the oratories, chapels , retables which are préfiguring the beauty of the paradise !

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- Market places, life and  Events

Animations et évènements Le costume tarin Animations et évènements La 6000D

All along the year, You can find live and events in the ski resorts, in the cities of the valley our in our villages : weekly markets ( Bourg Saint Maurice, Aime ou Moutiers), trade fair of Tarentaise, autumn theater festival, baroque festival and thursdays concerts of aime in summertime,  traditional festivals in villages …

Sport Events are taking place in the valley every year since the 1992′s olympic winter games
In la Plagne, the famous running  race  6000 D takes place  every year the lest week end of july. Trailers of all horizons comes to run  55 km et 6000m up and down …come and beat the Paradou’s record !

- Water streams and bathing

Hydrospeed sur l'Isère Plan d'eau de Macôt Lac du Friolin

The turbulent flows of Isère river , régulated by EDF in the damm of Bourg Saint Maurice, allows many activities : rafting, hydrospeed, canoé-kayak… from discovering to compétition .
For a good summer – cooling,  thé Macôt lake or Bourg Saint Maurice and Montchavin swimming-pools are waiting for you…. …à moins but maybe you will prefer to jump in a mouton lake  !

Activités d’eaux vives : contacts…

- Alpinism, Climbing, Canyonning and Via Ferrata

Activité alpinisme Escalade en via ferrata Activité escalade

From  the climbing school of  Notre Dame du Pré to the highest summits of Vanoise, you can make all the mountain activities that you want according to your level and desire ..

for example :Climbing routes of the famous  Pierra Menta, via ferrata of Peisey-Nancroix, Roc du Vent, Champagny  or Val d’Isère, climbing of the Mont Pourri or Grande Casse, canyons in the low Isère valley…

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- Wood Painting and Watercolours

Peinture sur bois et aquarelle avec Florence Peinture sur bois Peinture sur bois et aquarelle avec Florence

Florence will initiate you into the traditional wood painting in her workshop of  Montméry. you don’t need to be talented, Florence will teach you the painting technics on simple themes of mountain .
Day course for a first discovering, or 3 days-course for perfecting. you will come back with a nice piece of  your own!
Its better te make reservation before arriving.

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